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  • Nothingness

    The darkness is suffocating
    The light can't come though
    And though it's trying
    The darkness can't break you

    The world can be dark
    And it may be hard
    But light can be found
    And the wounds can be scarred

    The night is black
    And the world may seem dark
    But through this darkened world
    The light has a spark

    Overtime the spark will grow
    But there will be darkness
    For it never fully goes away
    It never turns to nothingness

    The light however can
    If you let it slip away
    But when the light expands
    The night can turn to day

  • #2
    This is a nice counter-point to "Demon" which ended with the darkness winning. It's very rounding to be able to express both perspectives. Did you work on these simultaneously, or did one follow the other?


    • PotterHead22807
      PotterHead22807 commented
      Editing a comment
      I did this one followed my other poem, even though I posted this one first.

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    I like the interplay between dark and the light that works well for me. Have you thought of exploring shadows as they require a fusion of dark and light