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Que la grande cloche sonne encore

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  • Que la grande cloche sonne encore

    Que la grande cloche sonne encore ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019
    May the Great Bell Ring Again

    They say the best insurance is prevention
    For example the " baby gate " a good invention
    Time after time precaution is overlooked
    Then wonder why the goose is over cooked !
    The tragedy at Notre-Dame could of been avoided
    Here's where precaution should of been exploited
    The words "Fire Watcher " comes to mind
    When sparks are flying " watch your behind "
    What comes to mind next is " fire sprinklers "
    Just more cautious words in particular
    That would of been a pipe fitters dream
    To hide them in a way so they couldn't be seen
    I know what your saying " hind sight is 20/20 "
    But good grief take the time and get back plenty
    Just like any other Historic National Building
    Funds to maintain them are slim in yielding
    Ironically water is the damaging culprit even today
    That's why the gargoyles are there to spit it away
    Too bad it wasn't raining and they were facing inward
    They might of gotten help by those ornamental lizards
    Victor Hugo wrote " The Hunchback of Notre Dame " ( 1871 )
    It was his novel that renewed interest and saved it from shame
    Now they have the " friends of Notre Dame " site
    I'm sure this would of thrilled him with delight
    His character Quasimodo would of helped fight the fire
    Beside the gypsy Esmeralda Notre-Dame was his desire
    His second love of course was the tower bell
    You know he'd help save that from the flames of hell
    At 13 tonnes the " Great Bell " is anything but small
    If it rings it might make some of the structure fall
    Nowadays they are electronic recordings
    Beneficial but in the nostalgia sense boring
    Let's pray for recovery and that it now needs a friend
    May the Great Bell of Notre-Dame ring again
    paix.............................................. .................peace

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    Very nice tribute, Glen!


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      very timely fitting tribute


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        Well done Glen.