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  • Love's Rushing in...

    Love’s Rushing in…

    Traveling at 186,000 miles per second
    is the light in the night from Lightning
    which blasts the molecules of air apart
    to create a vacuum most frightening.
    But it’s not heated air being pushed apart
    that makes that clamorous din.
    After Lightning has struck
    and the vacuum collapses,
    Thunder is the air rushing in.

    And the X-chromosome lies waiting alive
    in the female egg with grace
    for the first sperm penetrating its membrane
    bringing spark for a Life to embrace.
    If an X sperm is first, it will be a girl. If a Y, it’s a boy to win.
    And it’s not your choice or mine but God’s
    that gender is the sperm rushing in.

    When one heart is enraptured by another
    and they both hold their breaths in the night
    and the vacuum between them draws closer
    for one heartbeat at the speed of Light,
    all Thunder heard then at the speed of sound
    on a whisper of air so thin
    at 11 hundred and 29 feet per second
    is the blast of Love rushing in.


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    The Professor of Loooove tells us how it happens in electrifying detail. 10,000 likes!


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      Bobby - So glad you liked this. As soon as I get my G.E.D., I'm gonna add Professor of Loooove to my resume and that additional detail will definitely be electrifying, especially to my therapist who only has a Masters degree. Whoa! LOL. I can't wait! Hope this put a jolt in your day as your words have in mine. Thanks BDB. Namyh


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        Unique to how I have ever before heard it described - and beautifully so. Professor of Looooove - indeed!


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          RhymeLovingWriter - So very glad you in stopped in to read this little thunder and lightning poem of Love which your words testify struck through. Makes a poet proud and I definitely feel the air Rushing in. Y'all come back, ya hear! Professor of Loooove or just plain old Namyh for short. Namyh


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            Exillerating descriptive use of thunder and lightning. Nicely done.


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              Alexandra - This piece caught me in one of those beer twining moments which I sometimes focus into a poetic work like this and for which I’m very glad you enjoyed. Amazing it is how when you add light, the cosmos and love together, you can get a poetic moment of immaculate conception that’s very much like giving birth. The only thing that’s left is to give it a proper poetic name, burp it occasionally and smile for a creative process that fortunately doesn’t require pampers. Whoa! LOL. This Bud's for you. Thanks A. Namyh
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