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The Path to Higher Learning

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  • The Path to Higher Learning

    Photography and Poetry Collaborations

    The path to higher learning

    On a recent photo shoot at a local college campus,
    I experienced the joy and anticipation of what is to come for my life
    and the students who walked the grounds with me.

    Beautiful architecture, the smells and sensations that come with early spring.
    Majestic older trees, planted with care by the college’s arborists and planners.

    I felt the urge to go back to school with a thirst for knowledge.
    I stopped myself and realized, I’m already experiencing the joy of this experience
    because I was feeling the emotions that accompanied my wish.

    A thought process that evolved out of this moment was this:
    If you have a desire in life, first feel the emotion of it
    and it will come to you in a much more expedient manner.

    Think about this for a minute. Imagine you already have it
    and the emotional reward that comes with it,
    and then just use your magnificent ability to create your reality.
    Thanks for reading..

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    This makes me excited for the fresh air of spring to come, and the sensations you elicited, well I am hungry as well! Nice and positive. I hope you're able to make the experience into something great, of what is to come! Peace and love


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      Ahhh Bobby - I believe you've captured something true of our human nature. First you make the dream and then before you know it, the dream starts remaking you. In its pursuit, you begin to strip off bad habits, discard wasteful thinking and repel unneeded distractions. There is a chipping away at the old character so as to remake it into the new one needed to make that dream come true. Perhaps therein lies the pulse of human transformation that creates change in our world outside of us after first there is a change of the world inside of us. Sometimes all it takes is just one good desire that you act upon with committed emotion to change your reality. Thanks for reminding us BDB. Much enjoyed your work. Namyh


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        amenOra Namyh thank you both for your revered commentaries. You took my reflective mood and expanded it and made it your own. I’m happy to have connected the dots with both of you. Happy Spring and Happy life to both of you.


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          Thats how you show us the path! You made me want to join you . Excellent.


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            Good morning LG, thanks for stopping by and walking the path with me. This path is right up your alley.


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              The campus, in fact, is only a microcosm in the school of life. This is a beautiful illustration of the overlap of the two! Just out of curiosity, Bobby, if you ever decided to return to 'formal schooling' - what would be the first class in which you'd enroll?


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                RhymeLovingWriter Paula, Art, Music, Photography and Journalism. A very cool thought and question from you as usual. Couldn’t just pick one. You know me well.