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    Lost Man
    Elizabeth Pridgen

    There was a boy who fought in the war
    Stuck in nowhere with his clothes all torn
    It was just him and two of his friends
    Drinking, gambling, and reading letters their loved ones had sent.

    Then one day as they executed a plan
    They never thought that they’d be so damned
    Because it all ended with two body bags
    And that one boy beyond upset and sad.

    Ever since that day, he’s been the lost man
    Who disappeared after his friends tried to execute that plan
    Now, he’s depressed and he drowns in his beer
    So he won’t have to remember or share those dreaded fears.
    “Don’t remember us.” The ghost of one of them said.
    “We would live and laugh with you, but we’re already dead.”
    He’ll never forget them, or Vietnam
    The place where he was done wrong.

    People forget about his service but can’t help but criticize as they see
    Him in his own home with a bottle of whiskey.
    He’ll say he doesn’t care about those critics and will go to sleep
    But I know better since I have seen him weep.
    I’m afraid to talk, though
    I don’t want to make him drown in woe
    Especially after he did that horrible day
    He and his friends met their tragic fate.

    He is the lost man who went to Vietnam
    The place where he was done wrong.
    Now he’s fractured like cracked glass
    He could sense it coming when he was part of the draft.
    “Move on, dear pal.” The ghost of one of them said.
    “We don’t want you to end up dead
    Like one of us.”

    He threw away the whiskey
    Since then his eyes haven’t been cloudy or misty.
    Yet those critics still called him an alcoholic,
    But they are hypocrites, that’s how he’ll call it.
    He says that because
    His friends called them that more than once
    He’s trying to keep himself together
    I just wish he’d realize during the struggle nothing lasts forever.

    I found the lost man from Vietnam
    The place where he was done wrong.
    So I reached out to him and wiped his tears
    As he shared with me all his regrets and fears.
    “Live on, buddy.” Is what I said.
    “Keep all the joy you can inside your head.”
    He tries to now, with me, his best friend,
    And I promise to stick with him till the end.

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