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Two Aztec brothers

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  • Two Aztec brothers

    Tezcatlipoca is the dark counterpart, brother to Quetzalcoatl.

    In the Aztec world, I know more about Tezcatlipoca than I do Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl has feathers, and is of a serpent nature. The skies wedded with the ground.

    You HEAR more about Quetzalcoatl, in our day and age, although not very much. He seems synonymous with the bringing of order and restoration.

    I remember how the myth became, for me. I later learned that the brothers were warring under a "father"...

    Tezcatlipoca has to do with the shadow, of the "smoking mirror", also called "mirror foot". I see him as counterbalancing the light which Quetzalcoatl brings. As a sort of justification, true Justice or allowing the dark its due. Because the dark also has love and beauty.

    Tezcatlipoca is the jaguar, of black magic, seeming to do with the will. Where I feel Quetzalcoatl would sacrifice for the light, so it seems Tez. would do the same for the dark.

    There's an incommensurability perhaps to be seen in the difference and proportions of dark and light... of opposites at all.

    I find the "story" so similar to the one about Enki and Enlil creator gods who were split from one, having to carry the fateful mistakes which propel them through what we see as "time". And what is eventually overcome.

    I see it as "choice". I've been thinking along the lines of Tezcatlipoca, who has an interesting reflective nature, of a mythology that has some of the deepest contents of feeling I've come across.

    I think the brothers in this regard have some sort of relationship to the infinite, that they're to work together, to cross that sea and find the poisoned "god", the father, and that one smiling in themselves.

    There's a deeper reality I can't seem to touch but I hope it becomes more accessible, that I am perhaps able to share more ideas on this all.
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    AmenOra - Long before the Aztec brothers and long before Cain and Abel, there was Osiris and his brother Set-Typhon from ancient Egyptian mythology. Osiris was the bringer of Light and Good and his brother, Set-Typhon, was the bringer of Dark and Evil; both vying for supremacy as night fights to overtake day and as day fights to overtake night. Set-Typhon eventually kills Osiris and cuts the body into fourteen pieces distributed all over the Earth. But Isis, the wife of Osiris, goes in search of the missing pieces to resurrect her husband and finds all of them except one, later symbolized by the common structure we call the obelisk, an example of which is the George Washington monument in Washington D.C. Further investigation should reveal more AmenOra. I hope this peek at the "Osirian Drama" helps a little. Namyh
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      Yes the bit about the "phallus" being the obelisk WAS new to me, and helped me understand things better! I had learned it was the leaf which was missing, and in place of the genitals. I have been recently discussing this same "line" through mythos and stories-- even psychology and fairytales-- and there is Inanna and Ereshkigal, as well as the figures of Enki and Enlil, to name just a few 'recurring'.one I'm learning about.
      I mention that it's a story which is akin to the division of cells... So that we watch the drama play out, and participate as one. I find it so beautiful, thanks for sharing!
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