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  • King of the Castle

    King of the Castle

    Indulged, that was Horatio.

    In manners quite the Horror Show

    When taken to the Shopping Mall

    in Toy Stores he would shout and bawl

    at each new thing "I want them all!"

    * * *

    He grew, but never learned to share,

    and so elapsed another year.

    Competitive, his parents hear

    the Birthday Boy's ill-mannered shout,

    forgetting "Please" that he'd been taught.

    * * *

    "Mummy! Daddy! Just get me that!

    A Bouncy Castle stout and fat,

    to be my party's crowning treat!"

    Fitting the bill they find what's sought,

    "For Hire," a castle named Camelot.

    The sort children might party at.

    Not Guinevere or Lancelot.

    * * *

    Aboard his pillowed throne he climbed

    Damsels and Knights support declined,

    No table round was on his mind,

    by Victory this day defined.

    * * *

    Ruler of a Battle Royale

    None survived to tell the tale.

    Buffeting every boy and girl.

    On grass the rascals sent to sprawl.

    How all the Varlets envied him,

    sole Sovereign of his domain.

    * * *

    Yet price was paid to reign alone

    for when along the whirlwind came,

    Camelot, like an aeroplane,

    set off to join Castles in Spain,

    * * *

    as Up and Up and Up he's blown

    flying along through bird filled skies

    distant voices urged mended ways

    "Play nicely!" came his parents cries.

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    Sweet, I enjoyed this for the end, a nice snapshot of the situation made small again. The fairytale quality. Thanks for sharing!


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      Thanks amenOra, it was written
      to a creative writing prompt
      as a poem or rhyme for children
      I chose to write something
      in the fashion of Hillaire Belloc's


      • amenOra
        amenOra commented
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        Well, I loved the movie by the same title; I am sure the book is great if not better! Thank you for reminding me

        Edit - So it's Not the same; you turned me onto a new poem, however. Take care Johntee !

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      I like this and enjoy seeing you write in a different style. Entertaining and well written


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        Thoroughly enjoyed this JT. A bit of a lesson if the wee ones care to take note. Wonderful illustrations could accompany the vivid verse.


        • Johntee
          Johntee commented
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          Thanks RLW, I'm running out of time to write these days.and soon the garden will claim my time.