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As I stand small

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  • As I stand small

    The gathering storm quells my courage

    Ocean inside feeds the tides of tears

    The brine swash washes in waves of turmoil

    As I stand small against all the odds

    My unworthy soul unredeemed

    Naked ugly, I am what I am

    Hidden from life’s gaze, piercing stares

    See through my cloak of misplaced pretence

    Their judgement delivered by rebuke

    Clouded by hubris, thunders with hate

    Atmospheric oppression cackles

    Cruel intent with winds brazen bluster

    Surrounded by conformist contempt

    A fog of disdain blurs their focus

    As I stand small, shake before their squall

    Weird freak of nature their nightmare

    As I stand small, I smell their panic

    The dread my truth will spill their secrets

    As I stand small, I sense disquiet

    They rebel to conform in the reign

    As I stand small against the world

    They court a singular monarchy

    As they stand tall they lack honour

    Nobility cowers over me

    But nobody towers over me

    As I stand small, I stand with stature

    As I stand small, I stand for respect

    As I stand small I know it’s enough.
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    I liked the resolute positivity here! I like the whole idea, the theme of 'meekness', and that familiar aura around that situation... thankya for sharin


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Thank you. It was intended as a coming of age poem when differences were misunderstood and attacked and the realisation that your own worth even if you feel small can stand up for itself

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    Wonderful work Jon. The resolute character of the writer's voice, even confidence, pulses throughout. It's especially impressive because few people I know, when "coming of age" hold quite so much confidence.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Thank you I wasn't sure how this would be accepted. I am delighted with the response