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  • Clarity

    Clarity is happiness
    Clarity is pure
    I think I know where to find it
    But I'm not to sure

    I'm losing my sanity
    To this wold of dark
    I need a window of clarity
    To help my find hope's spark

    Clarity can calm
    Clarity can heal
    I have the world on my palm
    But I cant decide if it's real

    What is truth
    How do I find it
    The pathway was smooth
    But now I'm blinded

  • #2
    Excellent piece PotterHead22807 ! This one's much more hopeful than some of your other postings. By the way, In the last line of the first stanza, did you mean 'too' instead of 'to'?


    • PotterHead22807
      PotterHead22807 commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes. I did. Sometimes I’m typing really fast and don’t really check over some words.

    • Rhymeboy
      Rhymeboy commented
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      I figured as much! I do that exact same thing as well! And I very much appreciate it when other poets point them out to me! . . . as they have done many many . . . many times! I hope you were not offended Lol! We're all family here! Lol! At least I'd like to think

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    Hi there! The sentiments you expressed were familiar, and you gained a rhythm and momentum, I think, and yet the end leaves me wondering, kind of a cliff hanger. I'm at the point of wanting to know more, like what blinded you actually? I stumbled a bit on the phrase "I have the world on my palm" and wonder if you think it might sound better as "in" my palm. Or do you think it rings true as is, that's all up to the one writing the words, right. Thanks for sharing! Hope to read more of your poetry