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Overpowering the darkness

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  • Overpowering the darkness

    I feel the pain
    The venom, the hate
    But I also feel the light
    And that bond can't break

    I'm wading through the water
    Thickened and black
    But I'm almost in the clear
    And it's too late to turn back

    The darkness has me cornered
    And all I see is black
    But I know there's a way through
    And there's no turning back

    The darkness is dripping
    My thoughts in inky dark
    But though the time is tough
    The light still has a bright spark

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    I enjoyed the personification here, darkness "cornering" you, "dripping" thoughts. I noticed the swirling opposites in this, as you labor through the thick water. The message seems clear to me, that we should be positive, for when the black turns back into white! Love finds its way through us!

    I personally like the moody poems like this, which I know are the feelings of someone who cares, and because of that I can relate and understand, empathize even. It's through our weakness that we are able to know how to be strong. Including using our words, whether in poetry or song or conversation.

    PS I also notice a certain rhythm constructed through your poems, a familiar 'beat' that I enjoy. Take care, thanks, and peace!