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  • A Bigfoot Tale


    First of April on a hill in the mountains
    -and the branches did break
    -and the trees did shake

    'cross a path where the forest lost light,
    -while coming his way
    -even air moved away

    two lovers set up camp in a clearing
    -even fog made a sound
    -when his foot hit the ground

    and they kissed in the quiet of the night.

    Then, they sat near the glow of the campfire
    -and his breath was a fright
    -at his twenty foot height

    where the food on the grill smelled good
    -and his eyes burned red
    -like the hair on his head

    and they drank and laughed ‘til midnight
    -he was hunting that night
    -saw the campfire light

    then they tucked into bed like they should.

    Then the forest went quiet.
    Then the sounds went silent
    and the trees waited trembling in the woods.

    Then a bird on a branch held its one breath
    and a squirrel stopped its eating mid-bite.
    And a deer that was leaping seemed to freeze-frame.
    Something dreadful was emerging from the night.

    First footstep echoed with an impact
    -and the campers did sleep
    -and they never made a peep

    Second step towards the camp was a bump
    -and their bodies vibrated
    -from his sound radiated

    Then he leaped from the shadows of the darkness
    -and the air did smell
    -like a stench from Hell

    and the ground made them jump from his thump!

    They looked! He looked! They ran! He roared!
    Now the chase was a race through the darkness
    -and the lovers ran blind
    -over shrubs and pines

    and closer came the thumping of his feet.
    -and the branches did break
    -and the trees did shake

    Then each big hand grabbed a lover
    -and their hearts did race
    -as they fought his embrace

    And they prayed that it wasn’t time to eat!
    And the breath from his mouth made them weak!
    And his hands pulled them closer to his teeth!

    Their terror was a scream in the night’s light.
    Each breath, tiny seconds from their last.
    And the lovers locked eyes with “I love you’s”.
    Then he belched with a chuckle and he laughed !
    -and the squirrel looked up
    -and the bird took a breath
    -and the deer finished leaping with a smile

    And the forest seemed to chime with his laughter
    as his chuckles boomed ‘cross a forest mile.

    Red eyes smiled on lovers with a twinkle.
    Hot hands put them on the ground to cool.
    At the forest edge, he turned and chuckled madly
    saying “Gotcha, little people! April fool!” Ha! Ha! Ha!
    “April freakin’ fool!” Ha! Ha! Ha! “Y’all come back!
    And bring a friend, ya hear! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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    Ha Ha Ha, should I have waited until April 1st to read? Nah! You bit off more than you could chew Namyh. The suspense killed me. You stuck your BIGFOOT in your mouth. I love happy endings. A fine tale you have woven.


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      You had me going. Great suspense. I liked the good ending.
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        Your bigfoot means you leave a bigfoot print here. Liked this it entertains


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          Alexandra - That Bigfoot was some suspense character huh! He told me to tell you thanks a lot for stopping in and reading his story. The squirrel, the bird, the deer and especially the author thank you too. Namyh


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            Oh my goodness...loved it...every line. Wonderful job Namyh ! Entertaining, suspenseful, spot on!


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              Parkinsonspoet - Surprisingly the red text was added long after beginning the main body. It just seemed to bring movement and was kept in. Poets! Go figure! So glad this stamped a Bigfoot print on you Pp. Makes this scribbler mighty proud. Bigfoot is not only a mythical creature but has a sense of humor and a sense of business. Wait until the theme park opens!!! Whoa! That should scare the wits out of most folks! Your admission will be free and thanks for stopping in Pp. Namyh
              P.S. - Hmmmmm....a Bigfoot theme park.....Somebody call my broker right away...........and don't call Trump!!! LOL.
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                Amazing, Suspense created till the end. I liked the ending. Our unity developer surely will be inspired by this.
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                  Wow, that's what I was searching for, what a material!present here at this website, thanks admin of this web site.
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                    RhymeLovingWriter - "Oh my goodness!".....there is no greater compliment than those words for a created work and I thank you for them. Namyh

                    ebizzinfotech - Now I'm kinda glad I left the suspense in all the way 'till the end, and very happy you found it here. Thanks E. Namyh

                    kaylee - Bigfoot said he knew where it was all along and was very glad knowing you would find it here in Bigfootland. Thanks for the Wow kaylee. Namyh