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Red Barn and Oak--Faded Glory

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  • Red Barn and Oak--Faded Glory

    Photography and Poetry Collaborations

    This morning I laid my eyes on this beautiful photo by Kat Marano Thompson. It was love at first sight.
    You know when that happens you hope and wish you are able to express what your heart and soul are feeling. I hope I do your photo justice Kat.
    Kat Marano Thompson’s

    Red Barn and Oak- Faded Glory

    Weathered red barn
    survives another winter
    Green moss reflecting
    March sunlight
    Clapboard siding brushed
    hints of Snow White
    Many years ago a star was born
    Horse medallion welcomes another visitor
    Through her barn doors
    lie the tools of the farmers trade
    Oak stands in solidarity
    gracing painters palette
    Downspout carries water to feed Oak
    Spring has sprung
    Both barn and Oak coexist
    living to see another day
    Hearts are warming
    (C)Poem Boe Burke March 2019

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    must be an Indiana barn, dead give away the hoop.


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      divot It's actually The Hudson Valley. NY. As beautiful as Indiana is, The Hudson Valley can hold it's own. America the beautiful!!!!


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        Love the poem and the pic Bobby.


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          Thanks Alexandra! Have a great weekend.


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            I like it all Bobby. You meld pictures and words so well.

            But that last line...I actually sighed. Perfect.


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              Thank you Paula, it is a niche I am obsessed with now.....