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  • Searching

    I don't know where I'm going
    I don't know what I'll find
    But I know this life is toxic
    And I've made up my mind

    I know I cannot stay here
    For this choice was not mine
    And although I'm searching and looking
    It's hard to do blind

    I know I have to go
    And it's hard but I'm leaving
    Because you left me in a time of need
    Heartbroken and bleeding

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    PotterHead22807 I hope this is just a poem or a reflection of a previous state of mind and not an expression of your current feelings! I like the Title I have a poem called 'Searching' as well! Your piece is very sad but yet very well done!. A very moving piece to say the least! If this poem is a reflection of your current state of mind I hope you reach out to someone and get help. There are plenty of concerned people out there!