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  • Tree of life

    In the world was darkness
    No speck of life to be found
    The only thing seen were lost souls
    Hidden and earthbound

    But through this world of darkness
    Sething extraordinary happened
    A tiny spark of life
    That wasn’t evil or blackened

    And thus this tiny spark
    Was dubbed the tree of life
    But soon evil found it
    And so bagan the strife

    The darkness and the tree
    Fought amongst themselves
    One of them would win
    The other would compel

    It went on for weeks
    Months and years
    The battle was gruesome
    And filled with tears

    Who would win
    Who would fail
    Who would lose
    And who would prevail

    The battle went on
    The spirits all watched
    For they secretly hoped
    The darkness would be unnoched

    And though their souls were blackened
    Evil and unpure
    Their hearts were in the right place
    Still they were unsure

    For it looked as though
    The light was falling
    And it felt as though
    The darkness was calling

    For through their souls were
    Dripped in only black
    The spirits realized
    There’s no turning back

    They had pledged their allegiance
    Eternaly to the light
    So they began their journey
    And they began to fight

    The battle went on like this
    Not even for a day
    Before the darkness realized
    It had to change its ways

    So the darkness shed its skin
    That fearless cloak of fear
    And let its voice be heard
    By all those far and near

    For in that cloak of evil
    Lay and angel pure of heart
    And so the tree realized
    That light can lie in dark

    The trees and grass sway heavenly
    Amongst this treasured land
    While the spirits all left
    In whispy grains of sand

    In the world is light
    Ni speck of dark to be found
    The only thing seen is hope and life
    Out spoken and earthbound.