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The angel and the demon

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  • Parkinsonspoet
    Very entertaining The topic of good against evil is a fruitful area for poetry

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  • PotterHead22807
    started a topic The angel and the demon

    The angel and the demon

    The angel and the demon
    Sitting on each burden
    The angel and the demon
    Each a little uncertain

    Is their choice right
    Are they leading you astray
    For one is telling you to leave
    And the other to stay

    Which do you choose
    The left or right
    Which do you decide
    The dark or light

    The demon laughs at your pain
    With bitterness and spite
    The angel comforts your hirt
    With care and light

    The demon feeds you lies
    Torture and pain
    While the angel gives you truth
    Abd the demon is slain