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  • True friends

    We all have our demons
    We all have our doubts
    But true friends will always be there
    No matter what it’s about

    The tears that you cry
    The laughs that you share
    True friends don’t ask why
    All they do is care

    Even when you argue
    Even when you disagree
    A true friend will be waiting
    For all eternity

    When their at their peak
    And your in your trench
    A true friend will help you
    And be there to quench

    A true friend needs not
    Aproval nor compare
    They only need
    Your friendship and care

    For when your in the dark
    And all you see is black
    A true friend will come
    And hopefully bring you back

    When you have no one else
    And you feel agreaved
    A true friend will be there
    And never want to leave

    True friends don’t care
    How or why
    When you say jump
    They say how high

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    With friends like these you are very lucky. Your poem makes a very good point. We all need friends and true friends are one of life's greatest resources


    • PotterHead22807
      PotterHead22807 commented
      Editing a comment
      I actually wrote this poem because I have no true friends.

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    Then I am sorry. Life can be a bitch. I won't offer any patronising advice because I don't know you. I just hope you know your own value


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      Thanks! That means a lot!