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  • Faraway Imagined

    I can imagine you
    I can imagine me
    being hugged and
    after walking away
    the tears have dried
    how long the silence
    took to take your tears

    I can imagine you
    I can imagine me
    grandfather clockfaces
    moving pendulums
    the sanctified beams
    of ancient woods

    standing still for us
    to live complete inside
    I can imagine you
    one less than knowing
    I can imagine me
    beyond even going.

    but still the peculiarity
    of how the sadness
    just evaporates now
    from your cheeks
    and from my cheeks too
    and our faces change
    and so do our words
    sometimes we're filled
    sometimes with less.

    but still the midnight
    beams that eat at me
    they don't exist maybe
    but they're all I can see
    and then the afternoon
    plunging into night

    like desire to bite me
    and draw blood
    to the surface
    where I imagine you
    and you imagine me...

    and all that's in-between
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    I found this haunting and thoughtful- thank you for sharing


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      Another brilliant piece. Expansive is the feeling that surfaces when I read and reread this... ripe with memory recalled and possibility hoped for.


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        Very sweet amenOra and touching - bittersweet.


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          Thanks, guys, I find it a privilege, so valuable to have your input, Much respect.