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The Trigger Effect

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  • The Trigger Effect

    The Trigger Effect ( c ) Glen Mitton 2019

    Are we going to fall under the spell of murderous hands ?
    Let the " bias media " dictate whilst striking up the band
    As the people lay wounded and dead in the streets
    They felt a need to report on blood stained paper sheets
    A " manifesto " is nothing more than a written confession
    Watch as they use it to drive their evil agenda obsession
    We must not let this action override our senses
    We must maintain our wits and our defenses
    So what if a media outlet showcased his narcissistic action
    They'll use it to entice opponents of the free speech faction
    The internet is not at fault as we will hear in the coming weeks
    The real enemy of the people will be those who post their tweeks
    This guy should be shunned as they do as a Quaker
    As they stir the pot with another awful news-maker
    Let's not give this guy another moment of our time
    Let the people of New Zealand deal with the crime
    The media is like a child so what do you expect
    Their only viable substance is to abuse the trigger effect
    This " lone wolf " was picked from the pack
    From compromised idiots and that's a fact
    It's obvious he's just another pathetic patsy
    Watch as the media dubs him with something catchy
    " Thank God there was a citizen who was armed "
    " Or more people would of and could of been harmed "
    That news will be sidelined along with the dead
    As the media sticks to " their guns " instead
    Did I hear right this guys thinks he'll get out of jail someday ?
    " Sorry bloke , just like the Kiwi Bird you'll be there to stay "
    Now the internet comes under fire
    This all along is the evil doers desire
    Free speech is their goal as they hope to rob
    " What is to be viewed is the state run media's job " ........NOT !
    " We can't let the ordinary citizen live-screen anymore "
    " Pay no attention to that green screen hanging from our studio's ceiling to the floor "
    Nowhere is out of bounds and immune from evil , so we must take a stand
    Watch your flanks and shout from the top of your lungs their motto , " New Zealand " !

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    Sobering commentary GM.