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Going Postal

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  • Going Postal

    What’s left to make me laugh

    Some sunshine on a cloudy day

    To warm old boned and ease the aches

    And chase old sorrows far away

    The front porch swing, an old man thing

    You can watch the world go by

    With a whiskey in hand and no real plan

    Except for swapping flies

    I can hear the dogs all yapping

    As the mailman makes his rounds

    And my old hound laying next to me

    Lets out a low pitched growl

    A growl that’s jut a token

    Not much left in us to fear

    Some might say our spirits broken

    I’ll take the nip, you scratch your ears

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    Lately I was seeing "Going Postal"
    by an old episode of 'Brooklyn 99'


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      Sounds like a well-earned season of just swinging the day away. Great observational piece divot! I enjoyed it a lot!


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        Enjoyed this piece too Divot.


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          Top of the Queue divot


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            Divot - Ironic it is that the two greatest times in a person’s life is when they are born and the day they discover why which sometimes you only find out sitting on a front porch swing sipping whiskey and thinking it's not too late to enjoy life. Very nice work divot. Much enjoyed this. Namyh
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