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  • Maybe This Year
    3 Jul 2015 - The Runit Dome in the Marshall Islands
    is a hulking legacy of years of US nuclear testing.
    Now locals and scientists are
    warning that rising sea ...

    Maybe this Year

    From Eniwetok's bombed out past awash

    it's concrete cap leaking long lived death

    as radionuclides join plastic trash

    in rising seas with every tide.

    In a world of complexity

    more intertwined than we can know

    with this year's "Blue Planet Revisited"

    maybe we see The Last Picture Show

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    Why we think (as a species) we'll get away with things like this is beyond me. Pretty short-sighted. Difficult reality nicely addressed JT.


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      • In the days before I wrote this I came across an Al Jazeera news report showing the crumbling sides of the dome cap awash accompanied by the story that all the old nuclear trash that accompanied the Bikini tests were dumped into the biggest crater they'd created and concreted over. In the same week BBC were trailing Blue Planet Revisited which is expected to centre on Ocean degradation and much hand wringing.