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  • Stolen Fame

    A shining star
    An icon of faith
    Always remembered
    Your talent, your name

    Impress the world
    An attempt to entice
    Now, you are forgotten
    And you wonder why

    A fallen star
    Burned out, cold
    Your heart may still sing
    But you're left alone

    Try to win back
    What you had lost
    It's not enough
    To feel loved again
    What has went wrong?

    (I stole your crown)
    You are wondering
    (I have your crown)
    You are wondering
    Why it had to be you

    Try to comprehend
    Try to figure out
    Of about cruel fate
    But you're dangling in doubt

    But somehow the world
    Is laughing on the other side
    And you're unaware
    But you ask yourself why
    Why, why it had to be you