Every picture, every single scene
Spins around in circles
And I can't control
Fearing of the future
Remembering the past
Two separate things forming together
Throwing me into a state of no control
So where are the drugs?

My mind is plagued with every little thing
My own mistakes, a next impending failure
And I would strangle myself
For some form of control
Fearing over nothing
But it feels like there's something
And I can't fight the feeling although I wish I can
Just to take back control
Just to once again, have control
Of myself

Carousel of dreams
One slight accident, it's a nightmare
If I don't control myself, right now
With or without someone beside me
I'll fall down, hard enough, into despair

The hate
The fear
The pain
It's spinning around me

The pain
The hurt
A diseased mind
Where are the drugs?