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A Girl Who Can Dance

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  • A Girl Who Can Dance


    Once upon a time
    in a small kingdom ----- near France
    There lived ---- a young girl
    who really knew ----- how to dance

    Some say ---- she was ugly
    She was certainly ---- not pretty
    And she lived ---- in a cottage
    near the edge ---- of the city

    Because of her appearance
    The girl cried a lot
    But she could dance -----a mean Tango
    And could do ---- the Foxtrot

    She could do any dance
    And do the dance well
    And once you saw ---- the girl dance
    You were under her spell

    But ----- the girl didn't realize
    the awesome power she had
    And ----- spent most of her time
    feeling lonely ---- and sad

    Now ----- The Kingdom had a King
    Which only makes sense
    And the King had a son
    The handsome Crown Prince

    The King would often
    Be in a terrible rage
    Because he wanted grandchildren
    before he reached an old age

    The King wanted grandchildren
    But so far ---- he had none
    He had to find ---- The Prince a woman
    It didn't matter ---- which one

    So ---- the King planned a big dance
    But --- it was more like a ball
    And he invited ---- young ladies
    Both ----- Great and Small

    The King invited ---- the Ugly
    The Short ---- Fat and Pretty
    And they would dance ----- at The Palace
    in the heart ---- of The City

    Other ladies ------ would also be there
    Including ladies from France
    The Ugly Girl said
    "Oh --- I don't stand a chance!"

    So she called ---- her Fairy Godmother
    who appeared with her wand
    She said -----"Please make me pretty!
    And make my hair blonde!"

    The Fairy put away her wand
    which had a five-pointed star
    And said ----"My Dear Sweet Child
    Just stay as you are!

    True ----- You may not be pretty
    When judging looks ----- at first glance
    But -----no one can out dance you
    Not here ----- Or in France

    Why ----- With the way you dance
    The crowd ----- will part
    You'll get ----- The Prince's attention
    And you'll win ---- the man's heart

    The other young girls
    They won't have a clue!
    And ----- If I were you
    Do you know ---- what I'd do?

    I'd do the Tango
    Or the Lindy Hop
    And if all else fails
    Just do the Bus Stop!

    It really doesn't matter
    if you're pretty or not
    Just give it your all
    And use the talents you've got

    Remember ---- my child
    All of the things ----that I've said
    The Fairy kissed ------ the young girl
    And gave her a pat ----- on the head"

    Suddenly ---- the Fairy disappeared
    leaving the girl on her own
    Which made ----- the girl cry
    because she felt all alone

    She was an only child
    with no sister or brother
    And was raised in a cottage
    by her feisty grandmother

    Her Grandmother ---- chewed tobacco
    So she was always spittin'
    And if you came to her house
    She was always knittin'

    The days flew by
    It was the day of the ball
    People flocked to The Palace
    To fill The Grand Hall

    Now ---- the girl was about
    to leave for the dance
    But ----- her Grandmother frowned
    as she stole a quick glance

    The girl looked like Gretel
    From that ol' storybook
    The girl looked ---- at her Grandmother
    And asked, "How do I look?"

    The Grandmother looked up
    But she was still knitting her yarn
    She said ---- "Go back in that room
    And put some paint ------ on that barn!

    And that ain't all
    Your clothes are a mess!
    And I'm sure you can find
    a much fancier dress?"

    So the girl ----- put on some makeup
    Some lipstick ---- Some blush
    The girl put on ---- her best dress
    And she left ----- in a rush

    The girl went to the ball
    And she danced with The Prince
    And no one has seen
    that ol' ugly girl since

    But the King got his grandchildren
    which he sat on his knee
    They played Hide-And-Seek
    And filled his last years with glee

    Yes ------- The Prince married the young girl
    which caused a big scene
    And -----when his old father died
    She became the new Queen

    Now this story is silly
    as you can discern
    But there is one lesson
    that we can all learn

    An important lesson
    that most people miss
    And in case you didn't get it
    the lesson is this:

    It really doesn't matter
    If you're pretty or not
    As long as you can Tango
    And do the Foxtrot

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    Happy poem. Nicely done. Everyone has their idea of what beauty is. Beauty fades with time but not the inner beauty.


    • Rhymeboy
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      So True! AtL! Thanks! And thanks for stopping by to comment.

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    Ha! Ha! I love it Rhymeboy . guess I'd better head back to dance class then! Another tale whole generations could love. You have quite a collection now!


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you very much RLW!!!!!! I was actually thinking about get this one published as a illustrated storybook
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    See the Soul. Dance the Tango. Win a heart or two.
    Rhymeboy Nicely done


    • Rhymeboy
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      Thank you Bobby Del Boy! Much appreciated! Thanks for stopping by to comment

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    Rhymeboy - Now that's poetic storytelling at its best! And that's entertainment to like! I loved your eloquent creation and the captivating rhythm and rhyme with which you told it along with a moral for all of us to be not soon forgotten. Hats off RB for a very good job done and which puts a definite uplift in my day! LOL. Namyh
    P.S. - Now where did I put those dancing shoes of mine! I feel a Tango coming on. Whoa! LOL.
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    • Rhymeboy
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      Lol! Thank you very much Namyh for your very gracious comment!s!!!! Much appreciated! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment.