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    Ghost in the toolbox

    Haunted by the warm embrace

    Comfort of fond memories

    As my gaze caresses Dads tools

    Mind swims through his creations

    Sleight of hand crafts his definition

    Tradesman’s talents and Jack of all

    Overalls as an identity

    Prepared for the unplanned repair

    Honest toil it’s own rewards

    Soiled uniform a badge

    Tired limbs ache with honour

    Rest earned by construction

    Electrician’s essence

    Hot wires houses into home

    Illuminates and warms life

    In an Englishman’s castle

    Chucks key locks a bit in its jaws

    Roars to life drill revolution

    Metallic scream as bit engages

    Grinds with brutal force

    Electricity arteries

    Cables clamber through conduit

    Twist and turn of blade

    Drives screw as thread binds

    Wires choreographed by colour

    Stripped and snipped

    Split ends trimmed exposed copper

    Precise steps to a static pose

    Home embellished

    Nest developed

    Loves labours refined

    Gives self by design

    Ghost in the toolbox

    Fathers heritage

    Handed down to his son

    A legacy of Dads pride

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    As I said on your website - this is a wonderful and beautiful tribute to your Dad. Thank you for sharing it here Jon.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Thank you my memories of my Dad are precious to me and I think it shows

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    Top of the shelf and queue Jon


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      So appropriate in my childhood my Dad put up lots of shelves