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Nahla and the Sunshine People (kindness smiles)

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  • Nahla and the Sunshine People (kindness smiles)

    Kindness born of loss

    Kindness born of love

    Kindness born to live

    Sunrises every day

    Chasing dark away

    Kindness is not charity

    Yet a charity for kindness

    Nahla had a simple plan

    In memorial of her man

    Kindness breeds

    Breeds kindness

    Spread the word

    Tales be heard

    Kindness inspired

    Inspired kindness

    Sunshine People

    Create sequel

    Kindness spread

    Spreads kindness

    Universal concept

    Of mutual respect

    Kindness connects

    Connects kindness

    Kindness shown

    Kindness shared

    Kindness smiles

    This is a poem inspired by Nahla - google her and the sunshine people if you haven't heard of her. It is a beautiful thing that she is doing.

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    I took your advice and read up a little bit on her. I don't think I'd heard of emotional intelligence before. Interesting.


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      What a beautiful movement Jon. I was reading at your suggestion and it’s inspiring.


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        yes it is, we all want to make a difference but we don't always know how. To find someone who makes it so simple is great.