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On a story tellers night

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  • On a story tellers night

    Storytellers Night

    Stars sparkle above as his mind empties

    And his awareness slowly dissipates

    He floats on imaginations guile

    A storyteller quests for the lost plot.

    Courted by the King, feted by his court

    Bard beckoned by bounty hunt Royal

    New story required for Princess’s Birthday

    Teller banks on opening new account

    His mind takes flight in the fantasy land

    To find manly hero removed his shirt

    Having a day off with pretty maiden

    Pampered in local beauty salon

    Plot is definitely lost

    Must seek out its secret host.

    Climbs on the great golden goose

    Flies to land, rhymes on the loose

    To an island of strange hue

    A collage of shades of blue

    He descends, fly through the fronds

    Land next to blue custard pond

    Greeted by the octo-dog

    Its 8 tails he stares agog

    Pleased to meet, waggers unfurl

    Welcome. flurry, twist and twirl

    Behind duck sports crooked beak

    Concentrates with angle speaks

    Could fix plastic surgeon’s skill

    If they could afford the bill

    Running past the woolly horse

    Coat is cosy warm of course

    Suffers from cold its feet feels

    Weakness is a chilly heel

    Planted the seed of a story germinates

    Rooted in storytellers grasp of fate

    Prophecy thrusts him from sleep to awake

    Wonders, thoughts plunder, archive of ponder

    He must warn the King, of Rumpelstiltskin

    Story silenced, rhymes cursed, mime perhaps, hands verse

    Gives a clue but fate stitched and bard is barred

    Even the Blair witch powerless to read script

    Storyteller under evil injunction

    Gestures censured, lyrics lay dormant

    Observes fortunes origami unfold

    Ensnaggled and ensnared by own tale.

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    What seems so real is so farfetched, don’t go in the woods today, don’t open that basement door, don’t look behind that curtain, just stay in bed and snore.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      good advice and if the right people took it reality would be safer for the rest of us

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    If your gonna dream, dream big.
    Behind, duck,bill, beak
    my favorites
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    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Bobby a storyteller has big dreams

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    More than a dreamy romp - this is full-fledged excursion into fantasy. Longer than your usual fare PP - I felt a bit like I'd taken flight with you.


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      When you explore a storytellers imagination it could be epic

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    O I was delightedly laughing when you wrote "chilly heel" and the poem was great, it delivered. You wrote in such a way as to make me wonder, even more, at what you might really mean. Sort of clircling there at the end! I liked that a lot. You take us in with different elements, your rhymes were great and unassuming, and the content like the Blair witch and Rumpelstiltskin gave it a spice of flavors. Lightening this up, and making me remember that bit of storytelling, when it's really quiet and just listening.


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      Thank you. I used to read to my children and sometimes I just told them a story. The stories had no preparation and were just free flow of thought. In those stories anything was possible and I wanted to create that sort of feel. Storytelling with imagination and a sense of fun as I searched for a plot.

    • amenOra
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      Yeah, that 'feeling' translated. Precious