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  • Dead Rabbit

    The death of the family farm, that one hundred acres that used to be a living. My grandfather used to milk a couple of dozen cows, raise a few for beef. Along with some pigs and another dozen sheep. He had a chicken coup, has a kid I’d gather eggs. The people came from town to buy the things he raised. Every year at harvest time he’d leave a row or two, just a little offering for the rabbits and raccoons.

    How the times have change. Acres once owned by many, now owned by just a few. Cows and pigs raised by the thousands, chicken and turkey houses in rows. With semi trailer loads sold daily. The fields in the fall lay barren, plowed for the next spring.
    Except for animal waste spread, pumped from lagoons build to hold it.
    Factory farming it’s called, I hate it.

    You’d think he could have left him something

    A strip of grass, a plot of grain

    This jack wax soil turned over

    A bleak canvas painted gray

    Neatly laid in furled rows

    Shinning compacted clay

    A plow don’t leave much of a home

    Only earthworms on display

    That field once filled with bounty

    Where he used to dine

    Until the droning engine of despair

    Rode in with that combine

    You’d think he could have left him something

    In those acres that he owned

    What choice is fair, who would care

    For that dead rabbit on the road

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    No Farmer, rabbit or poet should go unfed.
    Top of the queue divot!


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      A point well made, by a poem well written


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        just like everything else the land belongs to the greedy we will all pay dearly in the end there will be more than dead rabbits I call this a LAND HEARTER poem (HEART LAND) Thanks


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          I have to love the misconception, I get to this poem. It seems most will jump right to greed. My uncle owns a small farm he raises wheat, corn and beans. Last year he cleared Fifteen thousand dollars. Who can live on that. Now if he had a farm ten times bigger, well you can do the math. It goes deeper then this but you get the drift. A bushel of beans sold for around 13 dollars last year, in 1970 a bushel beans sold for 18 dollars.

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          pardon the misunderstanding I should have made myself more clear. Ultimately the governments own the lands. Corporations own the governments. So the farmer owns nothing. Even the very first garden was not owned by the tender. For the most part the farmer has never been the greedy! In the end who finally controls the price of beans and rabbits or anything else? NOT THE FARMER!!!!!!!!!!!