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A Word of Thanks to Rhymezone Poets

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  • A Word of Thanks to Rhymezone Poets

    I thought long and hard about delivering this message. However, as I will definitely be off this site for an extended period, and perhaps permanently, in order to address some health challenges, in recognition of almost 3 years of lively debate; sage advice, and generous encouragement; I felt I would be remiss if I left without expressing my appreciation to everyone who has made my time on this site so beneficial.

    The second. So many of your comments were thought-provoking, and inspiring. Thank you.

    N.Y. Sonnet. Sooooo much talent, in one so young! Keep on writing!

    Bry89. Sometimes we need a poet to write about the things we ought to reflect upon, but, sadly, would rather not. You are one such poet. Thank you for that.

    AmenOra, lunar glide, Brainwreck and Bobby Del Boy. You so frequently offered warm words, and eloquent observations. Thank you so much for taking the time to do so. In case, I failed to mention how humbled and honored I am, by your praise, I am grateful.

    Poemahontas. I love your sense of conviction! It frequently prompted me to write even more!

    Muttado 1sb. Your clever prose were always a pleasure to read. Thanks for always taking the time to read, and comment on my poems.

    Johntee. Your penchant for offering commentary in poetic verse, displays such a talent for this art form. Thank you for doing that.

    BobGrantKC. Whenever I was in need of a good chuckle, you provided it. Your sheer joy and love for poetry are infectious. Don’t ever stop.

    Parkinsonpoet. You opened a window into a world that I was unfamiliar with, with honesty and grace. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement these last few years.

    RhymeLovingWriter and AlexandratheLate. Your warmth and kindness, precede you, and are ever-present in your work. This site is better for your presence on it.

    Suz-zen. I always looked forward to reading your enthusiastic responses to my work, and the work of others. You are a ray of sunshine!

    MHenry. Your sense of humor, and frank commentary, are constructive and clever.
    Your poetic talents are undeniable. Thanks for the tutelage and the encouragement.

    Tony Grannell. You are a wordsmith, and a master story-teller.
    Your talent, whit and charm are unmistakeable. As is your perpetual grace and positivity.

    Tanner. You are my poetic kindred spirit. I am so appreciative of your advice, your praise, dialogue and wisdom. So many of my own poems were inspired by your work.
    You are the consummate talent. A passionate, eloquent poet. Thanks for your graciousness.

    Last but certainly not least, grant hayes. I have much to thank you for. First of all, your thought-provoking poetry. Often, we think of poetic brilliance in terms of legendary poets of the past, discounting the talent of modern poets. It would be a mistake to do so in your case. You are an exemplary poet, in any era, by any standard.

    Your frank, unpatronizing, constructive criticism, have made me a better poet, and challenged me to be a better man, for which I am most grateful. I urge you to publish your work, for generations to come. Thank you very much.

    To all those who have been so supportive, whom I have failed to mention by name, chalk that up to my diminished memory, not any diminution of you contributions to my enjoyment.

    Thank you all. Keep writing!!!

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    Honored to be in your poetic presence Dwayne. Whatever health challenges you have before you I wish you Godspeed. I always pictured you on the steps of the Capitol reciting your poems for all the world to see and hear. Remember this sir, I will always have your back. Peace brother!


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      I'll second Bobby's comments Dwayne. Sad to even think we will be without your wonderful versing for any amount of time. But know this, our poet friend - wherever you are and whatever you face, you have the poets of the zone alongside. We are in your heart as you are in ours - only a memory away.

      I offer prayers for strength, comfort and healing. The zone is a better place for all you have contributed here. Keep the faith and keep writing for as long as your are able.

      Blessings, Paula


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        DWAYNE, I wish you the best in working through the happenstance life has thrown your way. Your unique, heartfelt voice will be missed while you are away. But I sincerely look forward to reading new poems from you. Similar to Bobby I’ve pictured your poems recited from a pulpit or podium. They always make me think. Thank you for the kind words above, and thank you for broadening my vision.


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          DWAYNE you’ve always been a “top of the queue “ guy.


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            Thanks for sharing with us, I am touched deeply. May you be well, and learn to heal what ails you... I am sure I'll be here should you decide to come back! Touching shout-outs, glad to know you, I am rooting for ya! Peace DWAYNE! You too are one of a kind! Now, to let go of what we thought...


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              may the grace of the creator strengthen your weaknesses and heal all that ails you! I too am touched and honored by the words that you have written. I thank you once,twice and many times over but never enough for sharing. Peace and healing be with you FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!


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                May the God of all comfort strengthen you and comfort you through your trials ahead and know you are in our hearts and prayers. You graciously compliment us Dwayne but you yourself are passionate, eloquent and truly gifted. Your poems come from your heart, from your sense of fairness, your desire for a better world where we can all love, respect and see each other as we are, human. You are truly inspirational. May God keep you safe within his grasp.


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                  To be included on such a rollcall is an honour thank you. My thoughts are with you and I hope this is until we meet again
                  Thank you for some glorious poetry and many kind words.


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                    Just noticed this... and my name up there too. Thanks for the honour, and take care of yourself


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                      We wish you all the best, Dwayne. You created a nurturing place for poets to test their mettle and hone their skills. Many lasting friendships were made and fostered here, thanks to you!


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                        I am sorry to hear of your ongoing health challenges. I have said it before, but it bears repeating. You are an incredible inspiration to me. You are a reincarnation of Jeremiah -
                        "his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones".

                        That we are "kindred spirits" is a truth embedded in the private chamber of my Heart. I wish you well in your journey toward health and well-being.
                        Please look at the private message I have sent you.

                        With Love and Affection,


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                          I will miss your poetry! I hope you recover soon.
                          thank you for everything youve shared and the inspiration you've left behind. I see certain things differently because of you, and for that I can'tthank you enough.


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                            Thanks for the kind words.
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                              Hello Dwayne, my friend and fellow poet, may each passing day find you in better health. Thank you very much for the lovely words, so very kind indeed. I haven't roused a ballad in yonks, laziness, no doubt - hahaha! Do take care now, wishing you all the very best, Tony.