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    Like you, this photo by Melina Cronin touched me in a profound way. I wish you all warmth and happiness on this cold winter’s day. Like a long lost lover, spring will be back. Enjoy your life and the beauty of this winter season.

    Lost Seasons and Lovers

    Can't sit by this frozen river
    this cold is too much to bear

    To sit on this bench and shiver
    it’s hard to imagine you there

    Sun setting over the mountain
    tries hard to do its part

    Icicles form on the fountain
    I long for your warm heart

    The street lamp over my shoulder
    like you-it lit up my life

    But now my days are colder
    Since you left- my darling light

    The train has left the station
    I will wait for your return

    Imagining my elation
    when the tides of love have turned

    (C)Poem Boe Burke January 2019

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    I've been away a bit Bobby, so miss more than I catch these days (as far as keeping up with poetry in the zone), but I'm pleased to see this breathtaking photo and versing during a brief stop tonight.

    Beautiful work my friend.


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      Yes. That is a beautiful picture! It could hang in one of those thomas kinkaide galleries.. glad youre doing well!


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        frigid beauty freeze the mind warm words thaws the soul. wonderful BDB TY


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          How cold is life
          when you’re not there.
          A copy only,
          awaiting your return
          to thaw with love.

          Lovely, Bobby.
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            RhymeLovingWriter lunar glide The second Muttado1sb thank you all for your lovely and warm comments. I like to give others their chance at the top of the queue before I respond. Today’s a good day to get back to you all seeing the top of the queue is dominated by spam. I cherish and respect you all. I think a lot these days about savoring the connections. Thank you all!


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              dido BOBBY dido

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            Beautiful poetry to touch this frigid photo and warm our hearts. Thank you Bobby. A joy to read.


            • Bobby Del Boy
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              Thank you Alexandra, a little warmth never hurt anyone. Happy to hear from you..