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  • Working? For thereselfs

    I won’t be here if proven wrong

    For all the years that have come and gone

    They’ve waited for impending doom

    That far beyond horizons loom

    And what have I lost if it was false

    It served me well my albatross

    To hang around another’s neck

    To ridicule without circumspect

    My agenda that I stated clear

    All the things they have to fear

    For fear will always motivate

    Votes are reaped in stern debate

    And money raised to fuel the fire

    I’ll skim off some for my desires

    What will they miss from millions raised

    To stem the tide, the earth they saved

    And if it doesn’t come to pass

    I’ll be gone , so kiss my ass

    Last edited by divot; 02-20-2019, 05:58 AM.

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    This is to the point divot .

    I'm guessing S2L5 was supposed to end in 'motivate' - not 'motive'?


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      Thank you for pointing that out. I never took the time to march somewhere and hold up nasty signs. I can piss enough people off by trolling here on line.