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She Just Wants by Elizabeth Pridgen

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  • She Just Wants by Elizabeth Pridgen

    She Just Wants
    Elizabeth Pridgen

    She just wants to be another pretty model
    She looks up to the girls that pose with those beer bottles.
    Her dad told her, “You’ll never be like them.
    You’re too ugly because you’re not fit and slim.
    I wish you were like me when I had lovers all around me.”
    In the end it broke her self-esteem.

    She just wants a boy to lover her now.
    She thinks it all workout somehow
    Even if she’s not pretty only cuz she’s not skinny
    After hearing her dad tell those words she’ll know that it’ll be tricky
    To find a boy to love her
    The way she’s not different from any other.

    She just wants to be so perfect
    The only problem is that she doesn’t think she’s worth it
    To love and stay with no matter the cost.
    She fears the word “lost”
    Since she’s felt it too many times
    Like the day her best friend suddenly died.

    She didn’t get everything she ever wanted
    Yet, some of the things she got left her haunted.
    Like the day she tried going after that man
    In the end they filled a divorce and had a change of plans.
    Now it looks like she just wants nothing much.

  • #2 many have felt these feelings you pen so well Ada.


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      Thank you for reading!