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Sweetie by Elizabeth Pridgen

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  • Sweetie by Elizabeth Pridgen

    Sweetie by Elizabeth Pridgen

    Her dad didn’t like her being a writer
    He never could make her feel any lighter
    From the burdens dragging her down.
    He always acted like a clown,
    Making jokes and calling people like his daughter names,
    Yet he should’ve known he was the one to blame
    For his daughter’s introverted ways.

    “Dear sweetie, just forget about him
    Don’t let his remarks make your life dim
    You’re better than that, can’t you see?
    Please believe me that I’ll love you dearly.”

    Those words echoed in her head
    While she laid in bed with dread
    Mistaking those words would never come
    And giving up on praying for a miracle from above.
    She might look like she’s happy through her smile
    But she’s been acting for a while
    Everything isn’t always as it seems.

    She’s got words in her mouth “no one will heed”.
    So she thinks of words so she won’t scream.
    “Dear sweetie just keep your head held high
    You’re far too beautiful to cry.”
    She can’t believe it, though.
    Her heart’s drowned in too much woe.
    She’s so broken
    But she can’t put all her pain in the open

    “Leave me alone,
    Why can’t the world just let me go?
    I’m broken and weak
    And my life’s too bleak.
    Lovers, forget me.
    Haters keep stabbing me so I can bleed
    The rest of my life out
    Cuz I’ve been on a blessing drought.”
    She’s standing on the edge
    Fighting all the monsters in her head.

    Then her phone rings and she answers, only to hear a man say:
    “Dear sweetie, don’t end all of this today
    I’m so sorry that you felt this way.
    I need you, dear, to make me happier day by day.
    I promise I’ll love you and take you in
    I’ll never judge you for all your sins,
    Dear sweetie.”