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The Way Things Were by Elizabeth Pridgen

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  • The Way Things Were by Elizabeth Pridgen

    The Way Things Were
    Elizabeth Pridgen

    As I let go of you, my other friend
    I can’t help but wonder about the time we spent.
    You watched me stood by and walk away
    As if we’d never seen each other any day.
    I can’t believe you leave so easily.

    Don’t you miss the way things were?
    Like the times we survived every bad turn?

    All the things we said before,
    It wasn’t worth our hearts getting torn.
    I remember telling you how I felt about us being together
    I just didn’t think it hurt our relationship seemingly forever.

    Don’t you miss the way we were?
    Don’t you miss the times we overcame the worst?
    Those good times have been gone
    Like you said, we should forget and say “So long”.
    I know, that it’s wrong
    For me to hang on
    To the things that have been long gone.

    Don’t you wish we could overcome the worst?
    Don’t you wish we can make this turn?
    Don’t you wish the way we were?
    Don’t you wish that we weren’t hurt?

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    Lovely, it reminded me of someone, actually, and that's a special thing. Your writing captured it! Sad, but bittersweet, really, the pang of remembering.
    One critique: The last line "that" in the sentence actually could be omitted, as it's kind of perfunctory; might even help it flow. What do you think?
    Thanks for sharing!


    • AdaPridgen14
      AdaPridgen14 commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you for reading and for your advice! Will definitely take into consideration!