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Catalogue of Untoward Events - Edited and Expanded

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  • Catalogue of Untoward Events - Edited and Expanded

    One lives in hope of becoming a memory.
    Antonio Porchia

    My best friend
    From my USAF days in Clovis, New Mexico
    And on the island of Guam
    Dropped dead
    At 31
    On a basketball court in Newfoundland
    Leaving behind
    A wife and 2 young daughters

    My good friend
    Speech Language Pathologist
    Died at 51
    After a protracted fight with
    Breast cancer
    She never disclosed her condition
    But said goodbye to me
    With what looked like tears
    Welling up in her eyes

    My mother
    Died in her sleep
    At 63
    On a locked mental ward
    At Ypsilanti State Hospital
    After 11 years of incarceration
    For severe depression
    7 shock treatments
    And too many barbiturates

    My father
    Who hated doctors and hospitals
    Had the good sense
    To drop dead on his kitchen floor
    At 81
    After years of depression
    And consuming large amounts of
    4 Roses Whiskey
    And William Penn Cigars

    I could go on for page after page
    Listing friends relatives and acquaintances
    Who are gone
    I carry them with me
    In an invisible sack in my heart
    In a private chamber
    I think of them often
    For what it is worth they frozen in time
    Like insects in amber

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    An honor roll for and from you heart. Lovely, Tanner! Very effective and affecting. The topic brought to mind the Jim Carroll Band song, "People Who Died".