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  • Momma Had A Necklace

    Another story-poem. This one tells the story of a woman who inherits an unusual diamond necklace! Hope you all enjoy!


    Momma ------ had a necklace
    A priceless ------- work of art
    It had ------ a diamond pendant
    that was shaped ---- just like a heart

    The diamond ---- was clear and sparkly
    Just like ----- a drop of rain
    And the diamond ----- was suspended
    from a heavy ----- golden chain

    Momma always ---- wore her necklace
    She never ----- took it off
    And she always ------ looked young and healthy
    She would never ------ sneeze or cough

    And when ----- I got Poison Ivy
    And my hand ----- broke out in blisters
    Momma took me ------ to the doctor
    and he thought ------ that we were sisters

    But then one day ---- the diamond
    turned a lovely ----- royal blue
    And Momma looked ----- old and sickly
    I did not ------ know what to do

    But Momma was never worried
    She said ---- "Help me to my bed.
    And stay real close ---- my darling
    for soon ---- I will be dead."

    I never left ---- my mother's side
    And I got on my knees ----- to pray
    But despite ----- my constant praying
    Momma got sicker ------ by the day

    She said ---- "Stop your praying. Honey
    It won't ----- do any good
    Everything ------- is beginning to happen
    Just like ---- I knew it would.

    Now please ----- don't get me wrong
    It's always ------ good to pray
    But I know ------ my time is up
    And I'll soon ---- be on my way."

    I felt ------ my mother's forehead
    Her body ------ got colder and colder
    And as the days ------ went flying by
    Momma ------- looked older and older

    Soon Momma ------ reached a point
    where she looked ----- like an ancient mummy
    Momma ------ would wince in pain
    when I touched ------ her sunk in tummy

    I said, "Momma ---- you look so old!
    And then I broke ----- down in tears
    Momma said ------ that she had lived
    for about ----- four thousand years!

    Now ----- I wasn't expecting that
    So, you can imagine ---- my surprise
    Momma ---- almost laughed
    when she looked ----- into my eyes

    She said ----- "I am extremely old
    The necklace kept me ----- young and pretty
    I was born ----- somewhere near Cairo
    which was once ----- an ancient city.

    Now I've had ---- a thousand children
    And I bore son ------ after handsome son
    But of all ------ my many daughters
    you are my favorite one

    And that is why ---- the necklace
    has become ----- a royal blue
    It has chosen ----- a brand new owner
    The necklace ----- has chosen you!

    Now this ----- is a time of happiness
    So Darlin' ----- please don't cry
    When the necklace ----- gets a new owner
    the previous owner ------ has to die

    I'm glad the necklace ----- chose you
    It still likes ----- our family line
    Someone's daughter ------ must get the necklace
    I'm glad the daughter ----- is one of mine

    Long ----- before there were pyramids
    The necklace hung ------ on our family tree
    It belonged to my grandmother ----- and mother
    then it got ----- passed down to me

    Now the necklace ---- is very powerful
    It will teach you ------ how to use it
    With great power ----- comes great responsibility
    so you must not ---- dare abuse it

    There is power ------ in the diamond
    There is power ------ in the chain
    You can travel ------ the entire world
    and never ----- have to board a plane

    You'll never ---- have to work
    It will grant -----your ev'ry wish
    You'll never ------ have to cook
    It can prepare ------ your fav'rite dish

    And unless ------ you do something stupid
    you'll live a thousand ---- years or more
    just like ----- your loving mother
    and all the women ----- who came before

    But then one day ----- the diamond
    will turn ----- a royal blue
    And what is now ------ happening to me
    will also ---- happen to you

    Remember ----there is power in the diamond
    There is power ---- in the chain
    The necklace will teach ------ you how to use it
    And that's all ---- I can explain

    Those ----- were the very last words
    That I heard ---- my Momma say
    She closed ----- her eyes in peace
    And then ----- she passed away

    At last ----- my Momma was gone!
    I couldn't believe ----- that she was dead
    And the necklace ----- around her neck
    suddenly turned ----- a vibrant red

    I stood over ---- Mother's body
    as any grieving ----- daughter must
    And I watched ----- in shock and awe
    as it became ------ a pile of dust

    The dust ----- became a whirlwind
    A tiny desert storm
    The dust entered ----- into the diamond
    where it lost ---- its dusty form

    When the dust ----- entered the diamond
    the diamond ----- became crystal clear
    And I felt -----my mother's presence
    as if ----- she was still near

    Suddenly ---- the necklace began to hover
    And my heart ---- was full of fear
    Smoke came ------ out of the diamond
    And I saw a face appear

    Suddenly ----- I could see my mother's face
    And she looked ------ as good as new
    I saw my grandmother ----- and great-grandmother
    Two women ---- I never knew

    All three ----- had owned the necklace
    before ---- it came to me
    They told me all ------ about the necklace
    And how ----- it came to be

    I spoke to my grandmother ----- and great-grandmother
    I got good advice ----- from both
    They made me ---- raise my hand
    and I took ----- a solemn oath

    After I took ---- the solemn oath
    All three women ---- just disappeared
    And the necklace ----- was around my neck
    which I thought was kinda weird

    Now I wear ----- Momma's necklace
    I never ----- take it off
    It keeps me ---- young and healthy
    And now I never ----- sneeze or cough

    Soon ---- i will get married
    I'll find ---- a handsome man
    We'll vacation------ in exotic places
    like New Zealand and Japan

    And when ----- his life is over
    I'll simply choose ------ another man
    I'll get married ----- over and over
    during the course ---- of my lifespan

    And unless ----- I do something stupid
    I'll live a thousand ----- years or more
    just like my mother ------and grandmother
    and all the women ------ who came before

    Yes ------ I have Momma's necklace
    It's a priceless ------ work of art
    But I'll never ------ forget my Momma
    because she's always ----- in my heart

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    Another interesting story, Rhymeboy!


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