The moment where it ended
I never meant to hurt
Now you shut the door on me
Tell me, was this truly deserved?

The fight that we had
It tore us both apart
Emotions fade, the good times burn
But regardless of all the hurt
That I supposedly did to you
I am sorry, from the bottom of my heart

I am sorry, don't you see?
If only you see right through me

And then, I come
Like a wind from out of nowhere
With something in mind

The feeling may be gone
But there can be another chance
And leave everything behind

So now, I stand there waiting
With something in mind
With something in hand
Just to say that I'm sorry

Love may revive again or bleed, in my hand
Love shall bleed, in my hand...

Some background about this piece... when my mother and her ex-partner first split somewhere in August 1997, he returned to the front door with a rose in hand a mere days later, to show that he was "sorry" for what happened a couple nights before. Then, they got back together again. If memory serves me, he only pulled that stunt just because he had Princess Diana's death in mind when the news first broke out about it and, it made him think of her also.