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Confessions of a Tempered Soul

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  • Confessions of a Tempered Soul

    While confession may sanctify the soul,
    it may sully the reputation
    as those who prize Hubris
    profess their righteous indignation.

    But we humble souls ought commend
    the allocutions of good men
    who did forsake those bad intentions,
    by introspection, renunciation, rehabilitation and redemption.

    For all too often
    good manners mask malintent.
    As a multitude of monstrosities
    have sprung forth from well manicured men.

    But the greatest heroes rise above the dregs of shame
    as this life is a project perpetually reclaimed.
    And the path to one’s best self,
    is a treacherous terrain.

    For what renders a man virtuous
    is not a dearth of temptation
    but the will to triumph over it.
    And there is no greater victor
    than he who hath
    tempered his own soul.

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    Appearances can be deceiving. Success is never giving trying to be a better person no matter how many times we fall.


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      Well said, DWAYNE! Who is the better person, the one who asks forgiveness after they do bad, or the one who asks for help before they do?