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    What passions left in weathered hands

    In the lines upon their face

    What is it, that is not said

    That young love can’t replace

    The fire that once burned strong

    In the heat of their embrace

    Enticements slow sweet song

    Enveloped in soft lace

    It doesn’t seem that long ago

    A lingering sensuous memory

    Fireplace embers burning low

    Aged love in perfect symmetry

    He reaches out to stroke her hair

    Her soft lips caress his cheek

    They find the need to show the care

    Desired as neither speaks

    She sidles up beside him

    Finds comfort by his side

    All about the understanding

    Reaching for that TV guide

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    Hilarious, nice mix of drama there to conclude with at the end. Yeah. the contrast between the "heavy" content and then the end with the bomb dropped. It's like a timeless scene, wherein right at the end we're teased with a "Drop" into normal, mundane reality. Like someone dropping water on a sleeping person's head. I'm still thinking about this, too. Haven't quite "got" it yet; wondering if it's an actual scene, significance to the TV guide I miss (the understanding -- seems to me like 'that' is what reaches, for the TV guide). It's like a riddle or puzzle. I feel funny cuz I can't get it to settle, what is it really saying, poetry loses something in explanation. lol.
    Is he just sharing an intimate moment watching a Soap opera? :O lol. It's funny to ponder, thanks for sharing, I like the levity.


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      The mind is willing but the body fails, what’s on TV, a Viagra commercial. Ironic