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Winter in Florida

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  • Winter in Florida

    A white Winter withers without warning.
    I wake up, no snow this morning.
    No sleet, just heat.
    December came, Control-Alt-Delete.

    Up north they have fine pine.
    Down here it's just palm trees and sunshine.
    You say it's snowing up in Maine?
    Well, welcome to Florida.
    The forecast says rain.

    "Let's stop debating and go ice-skating."
    Oh, is that negating you're creating?
    Well, an ice rink does sound cool.
    But, I'm just gonna relax by the pool.

    While your cocoa may be sweet.
    This beach is oh so sweeter.
    I'll just watch the waves and take a seat.
    I don't need your silly heater.

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    You really know how to hurt a guy


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      Originally posted by divot View Post
      You really know how to hurt a guy
      Thanks lol
      I was trying to find a topic and stumbled upon "Winter"
      I was gonna write a simple "Winter is beautiful" type poem.
      But, I figured I'd go for something different.