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    Life Class in Ten Eight Ten

    dissecting bodies from execution

    subcutaneous, limn'd charcoal contains

    in swell of skin the muscled bone, constrains

    by the smudge of tones leveraged action

    becomes still life anatomy of man

    the paschal lamb from hope is born

    ewe's tup has taken earthly form

    to gambol, then of life be shorn

    cold butcher's slab to lie upon

    existence serving worldly gain

    seeds that storefront

    supermarkets display

    a cavalcade of floral artistry

    anticipation takes in sunny days

    summer's decoy a flattering deceit

    a warming sill expounding potting's ease

    brid's celtic spring curtails a winter's lease

    the shortest month threads faded memories

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    This bounced me around, Johntee. Art, religion, changing seasons, life, death. All mixed in so my mind went whooshing. Interesting.


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      Thanks Muttado, The second and third elements arose separately from observations on Spring which is well underway here, then the first was born out of the end of the second on the butcher's slab, thinking of da Vinci's Vetruvian Man (though of his anatomical sketches many more involve the dissected body)


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        i like it very much


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          We're gearing for another short snow storm in a couple of days, but I picked up some seed packets (vegetables not flowers, but those will come too) the other day because I'm dreaming of spring.