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    I haven't written anything in a while after getting into a writer's slump and basically giving up.
    But, I've recently gotten motivation to get back into writing.
    This is just a quick little poem I thought I'd throw together to express my thoughts about the new year.
    I don't expect it to be super great considering how long it's been since I've written.
    It's certainly not my normal style of writing. I tried to go for something that I rarely ever tackled before, simplicity.
    Anyway, I hope you all like it and I look forward to hearing some feedback!

    "Another Year"
    By, Cody Sparks

    Another year has come and gone.
    One more dusk, one more dawn.
    Some find reason to celebrate
    I however, must hesitate.

    Another year has come to pass.
    I sit upon on this green grass
    Gazing upon the vast night sky.
    I can't help but wonder, "why?"

    "Another year hops into place."
    Another year to be erased.
    "Another year to bring change."
    Another year with nothing strange.

    Another year to head to work.
    Another year to wipe a smirk.
    When you cheer, all I think
    Is "Another year, another year...."
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    Hm. Nicely written to make me think, Cody. I’m torn in understanding whether this is being hopeful the new year will be better or accepting it will just be the same. I’m leaning toward the latter - just another year, same again.