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It became War

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  • It became War

    It became war with
    Every little thing,
    Like bows tied, and string;
    Lesser of evils, haunting,
    And by thoughts subsist
    These acrimonious delights,
    So small cornered
    By these things so blind
    Just one half inch added mine
    And I don't even stutter
    And I don't even mind
    But if I did care I'd be gone
    Somehow subtractive logic
    Given breadth and depth
    Taunts me and hurts
    As flat as a fallen note
    In the air I wish you there
    Can't get out Endless chant
    Help me Help me

    It became War
    That crying voice
    And tantrums took
    Their sweet time
    Fermenting me

    Looking back, we're all dead
    And we believe in Heaven
    So the floor of Earth falls
    And vindication stands
    As we so choose beneath her
    What Love means to us.

    It became War with captives
    And listening in I was caught
    So completely implicated
    In their meaning with my own
    And it hurt--it hurts--I know
    Pain of the above and below
    And the thin line walked between.

    We expected more than anything
    Ourselves at play in colored beams
    For a lost and fugitive thing to come
    Back to life. To live with us. Now, this
    After effect, touched up, is all
    And we are the tatters from the fall
    Of soldier's feet trying to make it
    Over the hill to meet the bell hanging there.

    It became War and all we knew,
    And so what's left attests
    We were there too.