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Another day at the office

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  • Another day at the office

    I stay in the lake, not a wake I’ll make

    Despite my giant size

    Floating like a bubble, looking for no trouble

    With squinting little eyes

    Dripping with anonymous, wet a hippopotamus

    Overweigh and scrutinized

    Across the Serengeti, stampeding are you ready

    Flying hoofs that thunder

    A dust cloud raised ensuing, dodging and eluding

    Confusing all to wonder

    Who would call them weak, timid Wildebeest

    Finding strength in numbers

    It’s not a laughing matter, when antelope all scatter

    And he’s left scathing fleas

    Not tossed in thorns by mulling horn

    Or howling up a tree

    Nothing gained in running leaner, grinning old hyena

    A scavenger, that’s he

    Lounging in the heat of day, over unsuspecting prey

    Cool cat in every ounce

    Not a cheater, his moves are sweeter

    Doesn’t jump more like a pounce

    Starry nights will shepherd, calling out the leopard

    Spot on, he makes it count


    They make a case for peace, but some things never cease

    It makes the blood run cold

    With lions always bragging, giraffe tails start wagging

    Tall stories being told

    So watch the alligator and I guess I’ll catch you late

    Talks cheap, around the water hole








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    Well done, well performed, divot. I liked the rhythm that took a bit to "catch" but when it did I was so glad... I liked how I wasn't sure where you'd go with it, while reading, but you kept 'hooking' back into it. The light take on human nature, seen through animals, that can be very effective. Yes, a day at the office, where a poem like this would brighten up the day... with color, humor, wit. Seems like a day dream!


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      A pleasure to consume divot . I'll be back for more helpings of this.