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  • Dreams

    I am trying to get up from my bed
    My body is too heavy to lift up
    Trying to do all the things that I said
    Body feels far from movable

    I can't escape these stalking shadows
    Can't I just finally reach my goal
    I walk my long lasting path, as it follows
    It is tugging harder at my soul

    My feet feel like they can't even lift
    My hands, too weak to hold on
    My heart is sinking too far to reach
    Can someone hold on and lift me up

    This bed is a prison of my mind
    I think of joy, locked behind a door
    Why must you always remind me
    Trying to find the key some more

    I'm looking for a chance to be saved
    I look out to the starry nights
    So many battles, I have braved
    Blinded by their far off lights

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    Lamentations well written Michaelsummitt .