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Beautiful Night

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  • Beautiful Night

    Looking up at the darkening night

    You see the shimmer a tiny light

    More become visible startling bright

    Behold a glistening magical sight

    Stars shining in the open night sky

    Brightly glimmering an ocean up high

    Like waves in a sea only they fly

    A sparkle of life, gleaming and spry

    A soul is lifted into the dark night

    To watch from above as a shimmering light.

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    This sounds a wonderful observation LovesDaisies .


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    Nice observation.


    • LovesDaisies
      LovesDaisies commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you 😊

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    Hello LovesDaisies -- Nice poem, and I enjoyed the contrasting themes and images, between dark of night and light of day, juxtaposed, and the sky being like a sea (with 'flying' waves). It brought a nice element to the page, of surreal things, fantasy, even the familiar mythological idea of being placed high up in the stars... Well I love that idea, I feel I belong there, might even be there -- What I get from your poem is that Behind appearances 'like night', we can find more to the world. Like you said, "A sparkle of life, gleaming and spry "
    Thanks for sharing this poem... I like the different perspectives you've painted! Peace and Kudos!


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      Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and to give a wonderful observation!


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        Brightly glimmering an ocean up high
        I like this perspective. Lovely and Light!