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Nudge*(‘noodj’) n.

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  • Nudge*(‘noodj’) n.

    Nudge (‘noodj’) n.

    Never been a nudge

    (at least, never thought I was)

    yet when the wind came warring,

    early morning, hadn’t I a word

    for you, reminding of the

    bindings needed (coat

    & hat & gloves proceeded

    litany of ‘don’t forgets’)?

    Neither to upset, nor least to annoy,

    but oh how sorry boys and girls

    (plus mums and dads besides)

    would be if frostbite gets the upper hand

    (poor pun not realized ’til

    aft the words were typed - yikes!).
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    Hey RLW... I really enjoyed this. In the thick of winter, and now seeming to "nudge" toward warmer weather is really a few months off, but I love that, frostbite "gets the hand" nice going. Liked the final bit of 'addendum', witty and fresh and fun.
    I do have one little critique, and I know it goes to preference itself, and I figure its your preference over mine in this area, of course, but "Nor to upset, nor least annoy" actually is a different grammar construction, although I personally can see and know what you mean, omitting the "to" for a purpose, correct? "Nor least to annoy", I mean, is the correct grammar, and I am just picky about those things, so I decided to share with you my impressions lol.

    I guess it makes not much difference when the message definitely reached me. Thanks for sharing, hope you're warm and well inside or out! Peace! And Kudos!


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      Thanks for engaging with this amenOra. No, I see exactly what you mean and have accomplished an edit. I need that second 'to' for balance, and have actually change the 'not' to neither - for the neither/nor balance also. What can I say? It was earlier in the morning than I am used to writing!

    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
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      O it's all good... So funnily enough, the nor-nor actually worked for me (I love grammar but some rules I'm like half way sure of, this is one) Anyway just technical stuff, the meat of the poem was great. Take care

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    Enjoyed it Paula.


    • RhymeLovingWriter
      RhymeLovingWriter commented
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      Thanks Alexandra. How are you doing these days?