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  • "Oh well"

    Powdered sugar on lips and tongue, I smell and taste;
    Bells in windows, chimes on strings, an ounce of grace
    To tell with stutterings the mutterings wherein befall
    The timeless romantic pall put upon All by All:

    Relationship to places as you state what it means
    Compunctions and elections and the downfalls of Queens.
    Poetry and more Romance, and beleagured youth seems
    Dreams would kill, but I know how to heal. Friends,

    Destitution of constitutional integrity Over all our words,
    Slipping into the mountain's height, like some hood, fears first.
    I can't see but I'm not blind, and when I was wrong I stayed
    Away from the others who would try to steer me further

    ...Further than they've gone. It's like nothing would happen,
    It's movies in passion made, over the fields a scarlet sky,
    I can't tinge with too much so I paint the questions Why.
    I can't break to bleed and bend so I stop. Step outside.

    Tomorrow comes, like shooting stars inside my eyes,
    Beheld there by little ropes which stick from optics
    I can't pretend the shapes don't feel, I can't stifle
    The thought that perhaps we can't both be both: right

    Wrongs us and what do we say to them, I've come
    To show you what it really means to ME? Unlistening,
    A broken code of communication, incognito.
    I am on fire with the places I've yet to discover.
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    An open mind embraces all, uplifting me
    rise above the rest, don't be
    I tell myself, just before I fall

    What a beautiful piece of work.