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  • The Second

    for the poet of this site of the same name

    the second passes by in the cross-hair,
    I didn't even understand it all. left lagging
    in this sunshine moment, I can spit up words
    toward the sun and moon, black sky and bird,
    I can fit myself into this tunnel, and so absurd
    I'd never get out if I couldn't get in? Or do I fit
    the place where wingbeats stop, and birdsong
    stiffens into the creases of the houses and trees
    until all of time, even memory, is just that
    one second?
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    For one second, two seconds must feel like an eternity.

    What a great tribute.


    • amenOra
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      Exactly I am glad my feelings got across, I had only just realized the different meaning of the second's name, and wrote this right after!
      Thanks for stopping by and appreciating it! Peace

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    Really quite beautiful amenOra - with a delicate and expansive joining.


    • amenOra
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      Thanks, glad to share, really. Glad you enjoyed <3