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Poets and spiders

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  • The second
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you Tanner for the kind words

  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Whoa TS - some powerful phrasing to ponder here...

    ...havoc of entanglement...
    ...fury of loneliness...

    lots of motion in this short piece.

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  • Tanner
    I love this poem! It is brilliant, beginning with the first line. The linkages you forge are expansive! I want to share with you one of my own spider poems.

    Bedtime Story for Spider Children

    Before they spun
    Draglines and let updrafts gently
    Carry them away
    On a ballooning adventure

    Their mother said
    Always look up at the sky at night
    My thousand children
    And observe the grand webs

    Our god has made
    When he spun the celestial strands
    Of silk that hold up
    The world and keep us safe

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  • The second
    commented on 's reply
    a simple man not a stupid man might say you don't understand me but a more intelligent person might say you dont have an understaanding of what i'm trying to say and i know exactly what you mean

  • amenOra
    Such fire to this one, behind the words, infecting the rhythm.
    I thought it was well written, and I enjoyed the depth of conceptual territory, e.g. the spider a poet, the wind's instruction, and what we think of the sea, different poets within poetry. Letters (like DNA strands?) broken pieces is sublime!) It would seem the first association I got was the opposite of what you said, so it counterweighed on my senses, good job ... Last four lines I enjoyed the subdued rhyme throughout them all.

    Just to share where I went, I also wondered if "in not understanding" would sound better as, perhaps, "roll your eyes, misunderstanding"; or, "roll your eyes in misunderstanding". Either way it was not a hang up, I just decided to share where I went!

    Lots of gems here, thanks for sharing with us. Peace and Kudos, the second.

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  • Rhymeboy
    A wonderfully 'deep' poem! Such meaning . . . in so few words! Great job on this one The second!

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  • The second
    started a topic Poets and spiders

    Poets and spiders


    Are the born poets ever not alone?
    A tiny spider knows it’s place in the world
    Some the wind can change
    Others seek the solitude of the sea
    O But the havoc of the entanglement
    Letters are broken pieces of our webs
    Words become the carcasses of relationships dangling
    There is no pause in the natural order of things
    Go ahead roll your eyes in not understanding
    But embrace the fury of loneliness written in poetry