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  • Venus Incarnate

    Rills of fluted glass shimmer, and gilded seas shut those eyes.

    After belief in the inevitable stories, we learned another way,
    Somehow, build on, you said; after faith bled in my hands,
    Waiting and wanting to kiss the world away from myself,
    Death looks so slow, so slow, touching that endless shore.

    After belief in the moving pieces of this clock has broken,
    And you watch me wondering what's going to happen,--
    What can I do but watch you, and wonder myself, at that:
    Your choice is mine, my choice is yours, and yet much more.

    To walk upon the little places we fling the water of the shore,
    And to stand in sunlight today we fill the places sore,
    And by emotional intelligence, years lasting centuries,
    Knowing those who would walk with me suffices ...

    As you in that sky create those lances raining down,
    And the red and pink planet bleeds an ocean of spite:
    Waiting until we fall and fall like death into the tide,
    And become those hallowed things we now can't find.

    That is the weight of your every footstep, take the path
    And see the rivulets fall into the middle, where our source
    Blazes to consume and pushes itself out. Another moon
    Gives divorce a baby to suckle, until the split is final.

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    A fan of the morning star, light shades of purple give way to a fiery hue.

    The eastern star, the morning dew, awaken all who care to view.

    I prefer dawn over sunset

    The sounds of the world wakening

    The conscious feeling of a new day

    Venus in all it’s glory

    I love the subtle contrast in your poem, despair collides with hope.

    What’s new today, we’re about to find out.


    • amenOra
      amenOra commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for that comment, I appreciate it, and your sense of the meaning here. I too love the morning, while there is still something "about" the night. Anyway, there's always something, day or night. I love that, I'll just snip out a piece "Awaken all who care to view."

      Good stuff.